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Used Car Dealer Near Franklin, IN

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We here at DriveHubler Certified Pre-Owned have earned a reputation for quality and trustworthiness as we’re part of the Hubler Automotive Group, which has been around since 1962. With decades of knowledge and experience under our belt, we can serve our customers in Indiana better than anyone. So, if you’re looking for a used car dealer near Franklin, IN, you’ve found the right dealership, as we are located conveniently in Greenwood. Franklin drivers have us to rely on for great used cars, so when you come to see our team, you’re guaranteed to find a used option that’s right for you.

Buying a used car might be the best decision you’ll make this year. Thanks to improvements in design, vehicles can last for years and years, so buying a used vehicle often feels equivalent to buying a new one but at a much lower price. It’ll be a smart investment that you’ll have the luxury of enjoying every day. However, you want to move fast: used cars are becoming more and more popular purchases. Come visit our dealership before your dream used vehicle is bought by someone else.

We Have an Array of Pre-Owned Vehicles That Are Perfect for Commuters

We want to make commuting to Indianapolis, or even just around Franklin, easy and pleasurable. When you’re on I-65, you should be enjoying yourself, not wishing you were anywhere else but your vehicle. That’s why we stock some truly exceptional sedan options. Sedans are great for the average commuter. They’re fun to drive, often quite sporty, and can more easily navigate city streets than their larger brethren. So, if you’re a commuter who has to drive through Indianapolis, the sedan’s size will serve you well. For example, the discontinued Ford Fusion has proved a popular pick for buyers looking for a used Ford sedan. It’s a sleek, almost muscular car that’s nimble on the road and comes packed with infotainment features, so there’s never a dull moment.

However, just because you’re a commuter does not mean that you’re not traveling with little luggage. While you might not want an SUV for your commute, you may need a ride that gives you some extra cargo space: enter a hatchback. If you do a little manual labor, you might want that luggage room for tools or equipment. One need look no further than the Mazda5 Grand Touring hatchback, which has long been one of our favorite hatchbacks to sell to customers. The hatchback construction grants the needed room without the vehicle becoming much larger than a regular sedan and still retaining a neat aesthetic sense.

An orange 2021 Ford Mustang EcoBoost HPP is shown from the front at an angle.But if you want to travel in style around Franklin or even drive to Cincinnati for some nightlife after a long week of work, you’d do well to check out one of our used coupes. These two-door vehicles have sloped roofs and a sleek, aerodynamic body, and they ensure that their driver gets to their destination in style. A benefit of a used coupe is that they all have stunning exteriors. So whether you opt for a Ford Mustang GT Premium Coupe or a Pontiac G5 Coupe, you will feel excited about your purchase. That Pontiac coupe brings up another benefit of the used market: access to makes and models that have been discontinued.

We Have SUVs for Families and Commuters

Let’s say you want to bring the kids to Blue Heron Park or the trails in Branigin Woods Park; to do so, you want a vehicle you can trust, one with plenty of cargo space and great seating for all the kids. That’s why used SUVs sell so well here at our dealership. So many SUVs offer not just great cargo volume but a cargo area intuitively designed so that drivers can use every cubic foot of volume.

Our SUVs come in a variety of sizes, too. If you’re a single commuter, you might be looking for one a little smaller, such as a Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, a striking but sensible ride that offers ample cargo space. If you have a large family you want to ferry around, you’ll be excited by some of the larger SUVs we have. The Nissan Armada, for example, has been popular as it can seat up to eight passengers. That’s great for anyone who wants the whole gang to travel together on the road. Plus, muscular SUVs like the Armada offer an extra layer of security, which will please anyone traveling with their family.

We Also Carry a Large Used Truck Inventory

Pickup trucks of the last decade are incredibly versatile vehicles. Thanks to their variety of cab sizes, they work for both single drivers and families. Plenty of them have interiors that aim for comfort instead of the austere. When you step into a Chevy Silverado, you’ll often feel just as comfortable as you would be in many luxurious sedans.

Of course, you may desire a pickup because you want a vehicle with a great bed. One need look no further than a Ford F-150. No matter what year the model is, you’ll be purchasing a fantastic truck, as the F-150 comes from a long lineage of automotive excellence. Since you’ll be buying used from us, you’ll be getting Ford excellence at an incredible discount. Then, you can tow ATVs out to the trails so you and your friends can have an unforgettable adventure, or pack all your equipment into a cargo bed that will make certain you don’t have to worry about your gear even when the road turns bumpy.

You’ve probably seen more and more pickup trucks on the road, too. There’s no doubt they’ve become a hot commodity. While once geared more towards laborers, pickup trucks are now designed for everyone. Make your life easier and pick out one of our used pickup trucks that will have your back no matter the day’s mission. They tend to get great traction, too, so during our snowier months, you’ll have a vehicle you can place your trust in.

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We're Here to Help You Find a Great Pre-Owned Vehicle

Our selection is massive in both numbers and depth. When customers come to our lot, they are consistently shocked by the breadth of our options. No matter the type of driver you are or the lifestyle you live, we have a used vehicle that will make driving easier than ever for you all at a more than reasonable price. We believe in putting our customers in vehicles that will expand the horizons of their lives and let them accomplish more than they previously believed possible. The right vehicle can truly change your life. Let us put you in one.

If you’re a little undecided on what type of vehicle you need, the customer service experts here at DriveHubler Certified Pre-Owned will help you out. We know the ins and outs of all of Indiana, so no matter where you plan to drive, we know what type of vehicle you should opt for. We also want to make sure you make the right financial choice for yourself. We have an outstanding financing department, and our competitive used car rates will let you pick out your dream vehicle without economic anxiety weighing you down the whole time.

There’s little that makes us happier than putting a Franklin driver into a quality used vehicle. Come down to DriveHubler Certified Pre-Owned and find out why the used car market is the place to go when you want to make a smart, exciting purchase that will give you and your family unforgettable experiences on and off the road. Stop by today and let us walk you through our extensive inventory of pre-owned vehicles.