Ford Builds Fantastic Vehicles: Here's Why a Used One Can Thrill

A white 2017 Ford Fusion is shown from the side after leaving a used car dealership.

Used cars, trucks, and SUVs are underrated. No question about it. A used vehicle offers a lot of positives and very few negatives, especially when you purchase from a used car dealership like us. Many of our used Fords are Q-Certified, and they are all in good condition. We feel there's no reason you need to shell out a ton of cash in order to have a vehicle you can trust. With inflation constantly in the news, we're sure you're watching your budget more than usual. That's where we step in. Pre-owned Fords from DriveHubler Certified Pre-Owned can be trusted and exciting rides for you and your family.

Having a car or SUV that you enjoy is important for those of us in Indiana. Our state is magnificent, with so many sights and sounds. People tend to underestimate just how varied Indiana's geography is. We have urban life in Indianapolis, the glorious plains in the south, and the vast Lake Michigan to our north, where you can sail or swim. There's never a reason to be bored here, but you do need a ride you believe in so you can feel comfortable bringing yourself and loved ones around our state. Let's look at why a used Ford is a great option for your next purchase.

A close up shows the Focus badge on a blue 2015 Ford Focus.

Why Buy Used? For Many Reasons!

It is easy to assume buying a used car means settling for less. But it doesn't have to be true. In fact, if you buy from our dealership, we can promise it won't be true. Our customers remain thrilled with our large inventory of used Fords and go away more than satisfied with their purchase. What is it that makes used Ford dealers so great?

First, used cars are less expensive. We all know that vehicles lose a lot of their value the moment they first leave the dealership. Your wallet will be thanking you for this decision, no doubt about it. At DriveHubler Certified Pre-Owned, we also have great financing options for you so that you can feel certain you've made the right decision for your budget. Time and again, customers tell us how thankful they are that they bought a used car instead of shelling out for a new model.

We know that not all used cars are created equal. That's why we're always happy to provide you with a free CARFAX vehicle history report. This report will detail the history of your vehicle, letting you know of any recalls it's gone through or accidents it has experienced. We believe you deserve to be fully informed about your purchase.

Your insurance premiums may also be lower if you decide to buy used. Brand-new cars tend to result in higher premiums. If your premiums are lower thanks to a used purchase, you're setting yourself up for some great long-term savings. Plus, thanks to many of our used vehicles being Q-Certified, your insurer will have less to worry about since the car will be in excellent condition. Speaking of being Q-Certified, let's talk a little about that.

A Q-Certified car means a few things, all of them positive. If you are buying one of our Q-Certified Fords, that means the vehicle has gone through an extensive inspection process. Vehicles that are approved have to meet certain age and mileage restrictions, which translates to them being in great shape even if they are not brand-new. If the age and mileage limits are met, the examination to establish a used vehicle as Q-Certified continues. The safety features, engine, and steering are all examined to make sure the car is not just acceptable, but in tip-top condition. These inspections are no joke. To earn the Q-Certified label, a vehicle has to be almost as good as new.

At DriveHubler Certified Pre-Owned, we take the quality of our used cars seriously. We know that trust is a rare thing to have in our industry, and we want our customers to trust us. When you walk into our dealership, we make it our number one priority to let you know we'll hand you the keys to a safe, effective ride. We've done it for years, and we want to do it for you, too.

Last, used cars are still really advanced. Technology in cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks has accelerated radically since the turn of the millennium. A model a few years old will still impress with its infotainment system and navigation system. If you sit in a Ford from a few years ago, you'll still have access to some really nice tech. Part of this is thanks to Ford's excellence in manufacturing, and that's why we're such proponents of buying a used Ford.

Why Ford? A History of Excellence

The Ford Motor Company has been around since 1903, making it older than every person alive (at least, as far as we know!). The institutional knowledge Ford currently has is, therefore, vast. Over a century of experience in automobile manufacturing means Ford has seen everything. That's one reason why the vehicles it makes are so sturdy and long-lasting (there's a reason its motto has been "Built Ford Tough").

Because Ford likes to stay ahead of the curve, you'll be able to buy models that are a few years old but still compete with new models from other manufacturers. This is a consistent advantage to buying used vehicles that come from storied manufacturers: their models are always on the cutting edge.

By searching for a used Ford, you're also opening yourself up to many more opportunities. While Ford may not be making new sedans like the Fusion and the Focus, these models remain awesome rides. If you decide to buy a used car, you can still buy one of these sedans. That won't be an option if you buy new. Why limit yourself? Broaden your options and make it more likely you'll find the ideal ride for your lifestyle. If you want a sedan but you're loyal to the Ford brand, then a used option becomes a no-brainer.

Fords are also well respected by others. If someone sees you in a Ford, they know you know the game. Any repair issues become easier, too, as every mechanic and technician is familiar with Ford. You won't have to search for rare parts if something needs to be replaced.

An orange 2018 Ford Mustang GT is shown from the rear in front of a tile wall..

Stop By Soon to Find the Right Used Ford

We love helping customers find their dream Ford. We have a vast inventory, and we're happy to walk you through all your options, so you can drive off in a Ford that's right for your lifestyle and your bank account! Inflation is taking a hit on everyone, but if you come here, you'll at least be able to escape it by purchasing one of our used Fords.

Our dealership is part of the Hubler Automotive Group, which started in 1962, so we're experts on all things automotive. When you visit, you'll be wowed by our knowledge and our enthusiasm. We know the state of Indiana well, so we can guide you on the exact model and trim that will let you live the life you've long wanted here in Indiana. If you're a city person, prefer rural living, or enjoy a mix of both, we'll be able to get you a used Ford that meets your needs. Don't delay. Take advantage of our inventory now and treat yourself to a used Ford that'll make everyone on the block jealous.